Reunion Sponsors


We want to thank our sponsors for their generous contributions!!

In our effort to make it easier for all classmates to attend (as that is what makes it more fun for everyone), we made the main Saturday night event, free. As such, we looked to the generosity of some of our classmates to serve as sponsors and help subsidize some of our costs.

Sponsorship levels were;
$100-$249 — Pep Club
$250-$499 — Junior Varsity
$500+ — Varsity


45 Year Reunion Sponsors


John McDonald – Jr. Varsity Level
Jim Gift – Varsity Level
Dana (Quick) Bartimus – Varsity Level
Shari (Maslan) Turek – Jr. Varsity Level
Jim Klein – Jr. Varsity Level
Chuck Linn – Varsity Level
Anonymous – Varsity Level
Joe Ungashick – Jr. Varsity Level
Anonymous – Jr. Varsity Level
Henry Leonard – Varsity Level
Mike Mazon – Jr. Varsity Level
Polly (Hannas) Silverman – Pep Club Level
Mark Maslan – Jr. Varsity Level
















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